I have 3 spare invites if anyone wants an invitation.  Just message me.  :smile:

1 invite remaining…

all gone,  I think some people have some extra invites on HTMF though so ask around.

Excuse my French but what are TV Torrents and what are the free invites. Nobody invites me …lol

just use dont need invites

If anyone has TVTorrents invite, I would like one!


Damn me and my full time job!!  ugh

The advantage of invite only torrent sites is your less likely to get one of these :smile:

We have received a Take Down notice from an organisation or individual which states they are the rights holder, or represent the rights holder, for the following material:


They have alleged that a host on your network is being used for the distribution of the material - or parts of the material - named above without authorisation. They have verified that they are, or represent, the rights holder through reliable means which compares the data alleged to be on your network through identifying information unique to the file (known as a ‘hash value’ - essentially a digital “fingerprint”).

The information below shows the host IP address and method by which the material is apparently being distributed:

Infringing Work: District 9
First Found: 11 Sep 2009 18:18:54 EDT (GMT -0400)
Last Found: 11 Sep 2009 18:18:54 EDT (GMT -0400)
IP Address:
IP Port: 51413
Protocol: BitTorrent
Torrent InfoHash: FA6E89CFE97A593AEACDE1AFD0D1C8DF04F32860
Containing file(s):
District.9[2009]R5.Xvid.MF.avi.torrent (733,831,168 bytes)

But I love the fun & games :smile:

Well it is a good movie

Yeah, it was worth it… Shame about the accents though!

thanx for the invite great little site!
I love private site trackers

No Grockle…

The advantage of invite only torrent sites is your less likely to get one of these is incorrect…

The real advantage of  private sites like Iptorrents is because speed live here. :smiley:…most torrents sites like this have experienced power user as clients and most take advantage of things like seedbox.


I don’t really have much issue with speed, my Broadband is the biggest bottleneck, rather than the seeding… but your right, there is a nice speedbump in private trackers… the lack of takedowns is just a bonus :smile: