TV Problem

SO I finally bought myself an lcd tv and am having a problem with it.  It’s only about a month old.  The picture is fuzzy.  If you push the cable in or wiggle it abit, the picture is fine but then after awhile it goes fuzzy again.  I’ve gone thru 5 cable wieres to see if that was the problem, but still no fix.  I was told that the newer tv’s came with some sort of filter due to the fact that not everyone has digital cable.  Anyone know anything about this?  I haven’t called Citywest to see if they can fix it.  They’d probably blame my cable or tv anyway.  Anyone have any thoughts on this.  Thanks in advance.


You’re being fed a line of shit. The tv is fucked if it doesn’t give you a good picture right out of the box, just like any other tv.
There is no such filter.

If you’re making these “cable wires” yourself, you’re probably doing it wrong. If they are commercial, then your TV is likely broken. (Assuming it’s your TV that you are pushing the wire to get the signal to go clear.)


I was thinking that but hoping it wasn’t.  I don’t wanna have to send it away.  That takes fucking months.  I knew I should have bought a Toshiba.  FUCK!!!  Any good tv repair shop around?  I’d rather pay then wait 6 months to get my tv back.


I like Teddy’s Ventures; they’ve always treated me well.  Good luck with getting your unit repaired.

Agreed.  That is hilarious!!! :smiley:

If you ‘just’ bought it, the ‘just’ return it.  Sounds like an ‘out-of-box’ problem and the dealer can RMA it within a week or so.
For you, offer to upgrade and apply the price you paid to get the one you wanted.
Even broke-ass little shops like mine will do one of those things…