TT 351 Mustang Runs

I started my twin turbo 351 Mustang for the first time the other day. One of the turbos is connected and gives me shivers as you hear it spool up over the V8 straight pipe rumble. Wrap up the wiring harness, plumb the intake tubing, a few other misc things, and it’s time to do much needed body work.

Mandatory pics. Turbos aren’t connected in the photos which were taken a few days ago. Exhaust for the second turbo was connected tonight.
Pass. side turbo
Driver side tucked away in corner

Cool! Is that a candle behind the hood latch? It looks like a severed finger and some blood in the top picture :smile: Please don’t tell me that’s your work light!

Haha, it’s for doing the heat shrink tubing.

What are your hopes for power numbers, or is it more a matter of making it run, more than anything right now?

It runs good right now, idles nice. Haven’t put it into gear yet though, and I know I’m going to hit the upper limit of my fuel system, so bigger injectors and a second fuel pump are in order at some point. Gotta find that point first though. I’m shooting for between 4 and 500 horses, and between 6 and 700 ft/lbs of torque.

But yeah, the biggest priority I guess is getting all the little loose ends taken care off. Tidy up wires, tranny linkage tweaks, mufflers. And bodywork. Can’t drive this deathtrap until I do some bodywork, or I’ll probably get arrested.

An 8.8 rear end awaits to be installed too.