Trusted Canadian vendor?

Hello, I was on newegg trying to buy some ram and i realized they do not ship to Canada. So i am wondering if anyone here from Canada knows of any trusted Canadian computer parts vendors.

Help appreciated.

I hope this helps you. :smile:

NCIX carries Kingston RAM.

If you know the part number, you can plug it in to and it will search a bunch of places in Canada.

Boycott until they stop charging 25% more than
I e-mailed them about that and the haven’t even bothered to respond.

I’m also boycotting any bookseller outlet that’s not offering 25-30% off. The fuckwad publishers responded to consumer complaints by removing the US price, and some have even raised the Canadian srp to $12.99, $13.99. Overpricey, Extra Food and the Drugstore managers have been informed by a group of us.

check out memoryexpress,  They are out of calgary and edmonton, and thier prices are usually 10% less than ncix.