I have this CD which was sent to me but it is all in French but I was wondering if and how one may translate it into English? Someone please.

A music CD?  Learn French, I guess.

Its a book in French which explains my family tree and there are 274 pages. “Icci la Chat”. I understand that there is supposed to be a program in these things which help do the translating.

you want to do as another said, scan it so you can get it on the pc, you want to use ocr software (optical character recognition). Once that is done you can use universal translator or any translation software, you could even paste it into a web site that does translation.

You might want to be careful with those online translation sites though.  I put the following text into babelfish, then translated it into Japanese:

Then I took that text and translated it back into English, and here’s what I got:

Or when I wrote a similar paragraph in Japanese and had bablefish translate it into English, I got this:

This would probably explain where a lot of the “Engrish” on t-shirts and signs in Japan comes from! :wink: