Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

May i be the first to say, that Michael Bay deserves sainthood for directing that movie. and thats all i have to post.

It was well done, and I was thoroughly pleased with the movie itself. It is nothing compared to the Animated Motion Picture, but hey… Its tough to beat out something so amazing.

Anyone figure we’ll see a third? Maybe a little Cybertronian Wars?

So where’s the link to the rip that’s probally already been done? Save a few bucks. lol jk

lots of them to download but all crappy camera jobs . me ill pay the money to watch this one then download the dvdrip to watch it many times after lol

That’s the thing about making good movies that people want to see. They actually pay to see them!

You would definitely miss out by downloading it and skipping the theatre experience.
I think I’ll be going back again when the waves of people dies down… Simply put, I’d like to enjoy the movie moreso than worry about the fact that the cinema turned into a sauna and breathing is becoming less of an option. Though the movie was still wicked, and I didn’t mind not being able to breathe to watch it this night…

The movie was awsome,  as well as a few trailers of some other wicked movies.

going tonight cant wait for gi joe  :smiley:

I heard the production company fired the director of G.I. joe cause the movie bombed at the test showing, they are currently in a mad dash to re edit the footage, and turn it into something usable

its out in a couple weeks hard to fire a guy whos already completed a movie he’ll get paid either way

No it did happen last month
search for it in

another tidbit is that apparently a character from transformers will play a cameo in gi Joe
since both franchises are owned by hasbro