Trailer Fire Today

Coming back from a photoshoot on Shames today I came across a mobile home fire on Frederick by the towing lot. Here’s a shot.
I’ll be loading more on my website as the night progresses.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]


The photo you were looking for has been deleted.

You might like to ask zpaperboyz about it!

Here’s a link back to your home page."

Seems to be there now.

You must like the link to rick rock.

The lady that had this fire has 2 young boys and lost 5 dogs all dashounds. she is shock and was at the salvation army today needing some help and was given some help but she needs everything if you have anything you dont need i am sure it can be dropped of at the Salvation Army church and they will make sure she gets it . she is staying with a friend at the moment.they got out with only the clothes on their backs

How old are her boys? That might help us find clothes and such.

thats where my first house fire was too, but mine was at the very back and we lost every thing 2 days after christmas.

Fires Suck.!

Boys??  A relative, believe it was her mom, said girls and I asked the ages, she said 2 and 6. 

The woman is close friends with one of my wife’s co-workers. Fire’s can be so devastating.

I’m not sure if this is the cause of the fire or not but it made me wonder when I seen it.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

OMG…this is unreal…

If this is the lady with all the daschunds then she has 2 girls, not two boys.
I got both my dogs from her…how sad. I hope her family is alright.
How devastating.

I think that was my friend’s Aunty and Uncle’s trailer that burnt down if it is then everyone is O.K. but they lost the dogs  :frowning:

ahh I have no idea it was her home… my goodness :frowning: I’m so sad to hear about her dogs and the lost of all her things. I will be sure to bring down some clothing for her and her girls.