Tracking the Terrible Ten

“If they don’t feel safe, then they don’t think we’re doing our job."— Constable Jane Coffin, outlining one of the guiding factors for a new crime intervention squad set up in Prince Rupert.

While it doesn’t have quite the same movie potential as the Dirty Dozen, Prince Rupert RCMP have a screenplay of their own to work with as they put ten of the city’s most prolific criminals on notice, that they are being watched very carefully.

After examining local crime statistics and trends, the RCMP have come up with a list of ten enfants’ terrible, who warrant special attention and immediate interaction should they return to their anti-social ways…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 8007588431 )-

Excellent, a good plan, I think.  Much better use of well-trained mounties than manning the toll booth.

I wonder if we can help out by posting photos of Prince Rupert’s Most Wanted on HTMF?

Well they seemed particularly careful not to actually name the ten desperadoes of Podunk, but who knows as a public service they may be willing to share the details…

I’m sure some of our regular forum contributors though have a few names in mind from past experiences… :unamused:

Well from this point of the area, I say they are being very successful and doing just fine hitting the bad guy and gals. Jane and the team are very much into getting this to work.

This type of thing is what police work should be about. Active policing of the small percentage of people who create the most crime. I just hope this isn’t yet another RCMP experiment that get’s tossed aside in a year or two when something else becomes the flavor of the month.

Does anybody know the names of these Top 10 in Rupert

I bet I have had to deal with most of them before!  I’d like to see the list.