Totem Pole Raising

On Sunday June 21, 2009, The community of Metlakatla will be raising the first totem pole in the community in approximately 160 years.
This event is open to the public, and the transportation to and from Metlakatla will be provided.
Ferries will begin to transport people at 930 am from ther Metlakatla Ferry Dock, directly behind the Museum.
Pole raising is set to begin at 1100 am followed by a feast at the Community Hall.
This is a once in a lifetime event and we are inviting anybody that wants to witness the Cultural revitalisation of a community to come to Metlakatla on June 21.

Sounds like a very interesting event, Good luck with it, hope the weather is cooperative for you.

This will be a Family Event and we are encouraging anybody to attend and to also spread the “word”.
There will be the option to stay for the entire day of festivities and ceremony or you can just attend the Totem Pole Raising, which we estimate, will be raised in the early afternoon. In order to get some of the delegates to Prince Rupert for prior engagements the ferries will take some passengers immediately following the pole raising.
Everybody else is to stay for the Traditional Seafood Feast.

Very good chiefdave.  160 years…wow.  I will be there.

look forward to it chiefdave thanks for the invite

Sounds awesome!  I wonder if my husband would want to go on his day (fathers’ day)…

here are some photos from the pole raising. What a great event, Metlakatla did a great job.

First few photos are Mike Epp the master Carver. I also did a few black and White and a few HDR photos.


People from the day’s festivities.

I keep forgetting to ask. What’s the significance of this pole raising? After 160 years, why now? Why no other poles in all those years?

More Photos.

more and more

Very nice pictures, Astro!

Black And White.

It was a VERY cool event!  I"m glad we were able to go.  We had to miss the feast though, 'cause we were all too hungry and impatient to wait.  Astro and my husband got to help raise the pole, which is super cool!

Yes it was super cool Princess of Power,  :smile:

Awesome pictures!