Toshiba 9" Portable DVD player

I’m selling this neat Portable DVD player that I won as a door prize recently. It’s new, but I did use it for one road trip – played one DVD in it. So it’s a used item.

Model # SD-P1900
Up to 5 hour rechargeable lithium ion battery
Car adapter and AC adapter, A/V Cable, Remote control
DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, etc. DivX works – I tested it. Should work with other formats as well. Full details at The Toshiba SD-P1900 site

Selling on eBay, so the top bidder in a week wins it. If you’re in Terrace or Prince Rupert, I can drop it off to you in person, so disregard the shipping costs on the eBay auction.

Starting bid is $1.00. Since I won the thing, I’m willing to let it go cheap.

Place your bid here: … 0703527344

I put my bid in XD

Can the following ‘caveat’ from the Toshiba website–pertaining to the portable DVD player–be explained?

  • CD/CD-RW discs recorded by CD-DA method can be played back. Some CD/CD-RW discs may be incompatible due to laser pick-up and disc design. DVD-R discs recorded by DVD Video method can be played. Some DVD-R discs may be incompatible due to laser pick-up and disc design. MP3 and JPEG discs may be incompatible due to different recording format or condition of disc.

I think you’ll find that’s true of every CD player and DVD player.

Yep that’s true, incompatibility with discs applies to every player yet varies between which discs they are incompatible with from player to player.

The auction is going well. It will end on Sunday! So far it’s a steal at $22! … 0703527344

Bah… Everytime I bid somebody auto-bids 50 cents higher than me, everytime >.<

Ha!! the sucker is only going up to $30!

This auction is almost over as well. Thanks for the bids! … 0703527344

Shipping is $10 in BC, but if you live in Rupert or Terrace, I can get it to you for free.