Torrent Question

I just started using BT and I jst finished downloading doom 3. I downloaded the 1.7 gb into 3 folders, labelled cd 1 - 3. All the filetypes are RAR, so I unzipped with WinRAR (Just the ones in the first folder for now). I am unsure of what to do with all the RAR’s, or the bin files it unzips to. Any suggestions?

that is from a news group, usually just opening the first .rar file will join them all up and you will have a .iso or what ever format they put it in.

just extract the bin/cues from the rar files and then either mount or burn the images. you can delete the rars after you extract them. has a great how to section for anyone just getting started with this kinda stuff.

Okay, well, I read the filetypes forum. I am still a little confused. All the RAR’s seem to be the same thing. Here is what one of the 3 CD folders looks like…

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