Toronto Raptors 2018

Has anyone noticed their success so far this Year?
This team is a bonifide contender this year.
To date, best record in the NBA.
Keep an eye on them…

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NBA finals.
How about dem cookies…


Oh man.
Need a win tonight.
Go Raptors!!!

Is it too late to get on the bandwagon?

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No sir.
There’s a lot a room on this wagon.
Everyone’s welcome…well, except for Mark Stephen’s.
He can watch from the sidewalk.

With the Raptors, Bruins, and Liverpool, I’ve done a lot of bandwagoning this year :slight_smile:

Well, I watched my first basketball game of the year last night.

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See, never too late😉.
Got my workout in and didn’t leave the couch.:sweat::grimacing:
Refs let them play.
'spent the whole game in catch up mode.
We’ll get the job done Thursday night.
Go Raptors.


Man this is giving me anxiety.


I haven’t been this freaked out by sports since 1998, when the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and he plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.


Words can’t describe.
Watched it at a local pub and it was a scene.
Patrons were cheering every possession.
On the way home cars were honking and pedestrians were waving.
Freakin awesome.


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