Toronto Maple Leafs

In Canada, we have 6 NHL hockey teams and why are there so many Maple Leaf Fans? Why? They show them on TSN, CBC EVERY SATURDAY. And on CBC EVERY SATURDAY, and finally on CBC EVERY SATURDAY. So here is to the average maple leaf fan.

Meh I don’t care.

The team was incredibly bad this year. Eddie the eagle is getting old and
worn (his back). Mats Sundin is getting up there, and it didn’t help that he
was out when he got that nasty eye injury. Eric Lindros was Eric Lindros,
and the rookies pretty much played better then the veterans.

Then there was McCabe, he was good. On another note they really shouldn’t
have signed Thomas Kaberle for the amount that they gave him, which was
4 million. That’s what most of the better players get. :confused:

But yeah, they need a new goalie. Mikael Telkvist is still far to
inexperienced to take the number one role. Eddie just doesn’t seem to care
a whole lot these days, he has his name on the cup. Personally I’d like to
see Aki Berg gone.

[size=18]Leaf Blower For Sale!!![/size]

I’m tired of the Leafs. I like Pat Quinn and hope he comes back with another team in the league but his days in T.O. are numbered.

I get rather annoyed when Pat Quinn starts playing ‘his boys’.

Like Wade Belak. Why? The guy is pretty much, if not completely useless.
Though I did like how he managed Wellwood, Stajan and Steen

WFT? What is that freak wearing?

What’s freaking me out is his left eye. It’s all…weird…and different.

See that red area in southern ontario? Thats Why there are so many Leaf fans.

If you don’t already know that answer , watch Saturday night hockey. You will find the answer I promise you. It is because they always have the greatest Goalie in the NHL and maybe the world. Now that is not my call but it has been pointed out to me over and and over.

How can there be more arseholes in the south of Sask/Man than there are in the GVA?