Anybody watch Torchwood?  Is it good?

Just started watching it.  So far so good.  It is a tie in to Doctor who 2005, Torchwood is mentioned almost every episode of the Dr.  Good to watch at least a season or two of Dr.Who 2005 before watching Torchwood. You will have a better understanding and appreciation of the show.

I watched a bit of the first season but then it lost my interest, I see it as a silly spinoff of Dr. Who wich I have also lost interest in watching, they both suffer from being shows that don’t go anyware kinda like star trek each episode is the same, they warp in do something and warp out at the end 

But maybe it’s just because I’m used to the origional doctor who wich reminds me of 24 where one story would take many episodes before he would jump in the TARDIS and fly away to another place and time

And that’s my two cents