Top excuses for missing an HTMF event

Well…last time (May 7th…I think it was)…when all the HTMF people gather I well…my wife was having a baby…but I couldn’t miss this evening…but some people might. Why?

We need to have another real-life event.

home work?

i was fixing my PC

Dog ate my keyboard.

Did I mention I have a new keyboard at work?

windows kept on freezing

So you guys are not at cowpuccino then.

I’m not.

can’t figure out deep freeze…

my video card isnt held in by a screw so whenever i kick the computer it needs to be restarted a bunch of times while i wiggle the card and try to find the sweet spot ?


No, we decided no cowpuccinos. Or at least, I decided. Is it even open?

Mig, now I see what you mean about appearing smarter than most windows users.

Actually, a certain CS user brought his computer into school once for me to take a look at – the hard drive was dying, he said. Turns out the hard drive was mounted on the front of computer, and he um… kicked it every time he died.

Sort of like that mouse in Ms. Murray’s room that I have to keep replacing on Wednesday mornings…

Heh, Infotech was pretty cool Mig. I miss that class.

Yes, Elastomania rules.

I miss it too. But hey, I have a Cisco class to look forward to. Oh, and prepositions are something up with which I will not put.

Hockey practice.

A worthy excuse, I must say.

When was it? I had a ball tournament, and/or was drunk.