Top 7 worst dog food brands

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Interesting article. I was surprised at the names listed. The article tells you why they are bad. Worth considering.

Keep in mind the source of the article is an organic holistic pet food shop.

As someone who has been in the agri/food processing for 10+ years let me inform you that the rules for using the term “organic” are surprisingly minimal. The idea of “holistic” in any type of animal or human food isn’t recognized by the CFIA.

Like anything else you buy, use your best judgement. The extra $ money you spend on “organic” or “natural” food may not be worth the cost.

This is the a link Original Top 7 Worst Dog Food Brands @ … nds/,which was written and posted by myself on Aug, 29, 2011, and copied by many others.

My site is an informational site, promoting healthy nutrition for dogs, which starts with upgrading to a better diet, whether it be homemade, “all natural”. organic. raw or a rotational variety diet. (“all natural does not necessarily mean better”)

I have many links to the information needed to make an educated decision for yourself.

Compare your food to the ingredients I have compiled here @ … gredients/. You’ll find links to more reading material and advice from vets who have made comments to me in the comments section.

My site is not simply for the sole purpose of selling “organic products”. I’ve tried to make the very confusing pet food manufacturing industry a little clearer to navigate and ultimately hope to help those wanting more info to help in this process.

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