Top 10 reasons why the new Queen of the North Sucks

1 No Vending Machines
2 No Arcade Machines
3 6.25$ beers
4 Way overpriced Meals
5 Have not converted the power outlets in the rooms
6 Doubled the walk on price in the last 10-12 years
7 All the meals come with Fries
8 To get drunk would cost 80-100 dollars
9 To sober up would cost 30 dollars
And number 10 …Loud toilets

LMAO. :smiley:
Define loud toilets.  Do they howl or something? :smile:

I want to address some concerns I have with the new ferry, I believe this ferry is an accident waiting to happen, of course I’m not a an engineer or a boat planner, my concerns are from observations of European ferry’s and sinking, and maybe I’m way of base but let me explain and you can judge for yourself.
European ferries are designed for short distance travel like island hoping in water that it usually safe not like the 50 to100 feet swells we get in Hecate Strait. I also noticed that ferries in Europe have more accidents then we do on our coast, some times sinking there are do to overloading and some times its due to bad weather something we get all the time on our coast! These ferries are not designed for the kind of weather here on the coast. I know people who work for BC Ferries who have quit their jobs and a few more will be quitting in the fall; they do not want to be going across Hecate Strait in this type of ferry. I think we should have bought the ferry from Alaska when we had the chance and not a boat that’s not designed for our waters. I hope I’m wrong about my theory,
what do you think ?

I didnt know alaska was selling a ferry

I remember not too many years ago a large vehicle ferry in the Baltic sank.  Hundreds of passengers drowned.  The cause of the sinking was there was a huge open flat car deck.  When the car doors were accidentally opened water rushed over the flat deck of the ship.  As the deck was open without bulkheads all the water collected at one end of the ship, causing it to tip over and then sink.  When this happens it is called the free surface effect.  A blatant and obvious design flaw in a supposedly civilized and advanced part of the world.  I hope this new ferry was designed and built more intelligently.  Regardless I will be taking my car or flying rather than hopping on a BC Ferry any time soon.

I’m not sure I buy the concept that BC Ferries would purchase a ferry that they aren’t sure can handle the sea’s up here. I realize corporations that size are guilty of stupid moves, but come on. It sounds like a fun topic to chat up though so don’t let me stop you.

I forgot too add that the people who have traveled on that ferry and also the workers have never seen so many people sick when the weather is bad, people who have worked on BC ferries for years and years who normaly dont get sea sick have gotten sea sick…  :astonished:

Sound like a whitch hunt to me!

I was in Hartley Bay, a local couple showed me what BC ferries was kind enough to donate to the community.
It appeared to be a park of some kind.  It had bent metal, instead of a slide, ladders that were at an angle, and lots of poles for sliding, it came with a wheel for steering? and a seat that was wobbly.  It installed also by BC ferries in a swamp area, kids lose their shoes when they try to play there.  I commented it wasn’t a park but a training ground on how to exit a sinking ferry.  I will try to post a photo when i can. 

You have some valid points about the cost of food ect. But if you complain about the new ferry not being safe this is absolutely not true. Before you write negative about it you should have checked out the area the ferry was running before it was purchased. And further more  if the new ferry is not safe and can not handle big swells it would have never been allowed to cross the Atlantic Ocean on it’s own.

just a lil FYI for you…the new to us ferry MV Northern Adventure DOES NOT do the sailings between Prince Rupert and Skidegate…the Queen of Prince Rupert does this sailing which it has for many years…so not sure how this deems applicable to your opinions on how the Northern Adventure crosses Hecate Strait as it simply does not, it transits PR to Port Hardy via the Inside Passage

Thanks for pointed that … I have talked to people who work for BC Ferries and was under the assumption that it was traveling across  to Skidegate, I should have looked before posting that, but then why is it not travling over to Skidegate? again thanks for the clarification…

BC Ferries needs more room for people and cars on the Inside Passage route… and the MV Northern Adventure has a bigger capacity than the Queen of PR, not to mention it’s more comfy for longer rides.

Top 10 Suggestions to making life easier on the Northern Adventure
1 Bring your own junk food.
2 Buy a PS2
5 Ask Pursers office for a plug adapter.
6 Fuel Prices, Labour, maintenance, etc. they always rise never fall.
7 Tell them to hold the fries.
8 According to your calculations, it takes you 12 to 16 beers to get drunk.
   Buy a six pack and cut down on your drinking, because incase something were to happen
   it could be a little hard to save yourself.
9 why you need 30.00 to sober up, I don’t know? I thought it was still free to puke in the   
10 Yeh, I guess the load toilets would get to you, with your hangover and all.

Why do people need to be compensated  for a deed well done, They should be ashamed.

Since people are obviously getting off the real topic here, I will offer my two cents.  What is wrong with you Dover???  Showing a little respect to a community who showed nothing but bravery deserves to be recognized.  If you know anything about Prince Rupert, you will know that Booth School was named after a man who saved a groups of kid lives.  The community of Hartley Bay has nothing to be ashamed of and that remark is unwarranted.

If you  Knew anything about who saved who, and how some, not all of the people from Harley Bay Talk about what they should get for being “Hero’s” you would then, understand.
As For the brave crew members of BC Ferries, that get no respect or recognition for saving the passengers and themselves, What is wrong with you!
If I do something for someone, I never expect anything in return.
And if someone gives you something, Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Council Watch and B Dover, let us lighten up a bit, okay? 
You’ve represented both points of view.  Let us not turn this thread into a flame.

You must be having a very dull life…

Something equivalent to this:  :angry: + sledgehammer