Took a nice slip on city property next to Dog Park

Anyways last night while it was still light out,i was walking home from the hospital,i cut through the aparments down to the gravel trail that leads along east fence of the dog park ,the path leads right onto what i thought was a gravel parking lot,but it wad a actually a layer of clay likd dirt over payment and the rain made it as slick as hell ,like ice.So i fell ,it took me by suprise,bashed my left knee,twisted my left ankle and agitated my lower back.I did nof feel like going back up to the hospital last night,ill limp up there today.Im not a law suit seaker by any means,but is there any legal recourse? Who do i report this too? Thx.BTW over all the sidewalks in this town are hazards.

Good morning! Sorry to hear that you had a nasty fall. I suggest that you could contact City Hall about the slippery section, 250-627-1781.
I hope that you heal quickly.

Thanks so much for the help,just being checked out by the ER ,very sore lower back.

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You’re welcome. I hope you feel better soon.