i can’t seem to find it on ebay

I should buy it and eat it.

Its what 10 years old and never grew mold on it. hmmmm, sounds tasty, she had it in a contaner with moth balls, what people will save. i think the bid at 16,000.00… I remember this one time in band camp, when i did this is the snow, should have saved it and sold in on ebay

: (

I couldn’t find it either, although, I did find a Jesus one starting at about $2300.


i can’t seem to find it on ebay[/quote] … 5535890757

[quote=“MiG”] … 5535890757[/quote]

Ok that’s the page I went to last night and it was well up over $18,000 US and had 14 bidders. Why would it be back down to 4 bidders and $7,600 US now?

People might have been seeing what the women’s reserve* was.

*Set a certain price that your product must reach, or you won’t sell it. I think, correct?

There is no reserve on the auction, and starting price was set at $3,000 US.

Sorry, didn’t realize that.

Holy bid retractions batman! People are seriously screwing with this auction, bidding over 99 million dollars!

SOLD! For $28,000 USD.

$28,000 for toasted cheese… Americans are so…
(psst! Carolyn Parrish, what’s the word?)

I guess some people never learn that anything that has the claim “NOT A HOAX” is a hoax. I think that is the same demographic that actually open obscure E. Mail attachments and buy spam Viagra, which I like to call “Spamagra.”

I dont think its a hoax i think its a fluk that it looks like the virgin Mary. I think it all can be explained with simple science. first she see’s an image on the sandwich then she puts it in a bag with moth balls, gee wiz i wounder why it didnt get any mold on it, plus the Preservatives in cheese and in bread. i think i saw a show about that once were people were digging in the dump and found McDolands from 10 years ago that look like it was just thorn out the reason they new it was so old was in was in styraphone (sorry for spelling) package…lol… people with buy strange stuff all the time.

It has to contain organic material to rot. You can’t even digest McD’s, let alone compost it.

And Thou shalt not Blaspheme against the Father, the Son or the Holy Toast!