To the youth affected by Ruperts recent tragedy

As a mom of teens affected by the recent accident and loss of a friend I feel the need to write.

All too often adults have complaints about our youth today. So many of you have truly inspired myself and others. You have all suffered such a tragic loss and I know from my own personal experience as a teen what you are going through. You have pulled yourselves closer together and have so much support from each other. I know this has helped my own children make it through this. When hundreds of you wore pink in honour of Faith I was moved, what an amazing act of respect and love.

The pain of losing someone so special, especially at such a young age, never goes away. I do promise, however, that it does get better. Continue to support each other.

To those out in the community who have their own opinions about this event, sometimes hurtful, please act responsibly with your mouth. Our youth need us to be a little bit more sensitive at a time like this.

Beautiful sentiments and all I can say is Thank You and take good care . All parents should read this and hold their children tighter, if only for that extra moment as one sadly never knows what the future holds.

Your pain, is our pain. You are not alone. It takes a ‘village’ to raise a child, and that whole community grieves when we lose them.