To the bows they go


There is yet another twist in the debate over Prince Rupert’s growing and rather brazen wolf population and what to do about them.

The Vancouver Province is reporting that a group of bow hunting enthusiasts is preparing to approach Prince Rupert city council with a plan to cull the local wolf population through bow hunting.

They apparently have plans to seek an ammendmant to the bylaw banning the discharge of bows within municipal boundaries, though they would be careful to avoid areas that are residential or have schools or churches.

The main hunting grounds would be the wooded sections of the city, which provide cover for the wolves when they aren’t wandering through backyards and back alleys…

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The city is not going to allow bow hunters from Vancouver to hunt down a few wolves. It’s a bunch of horseshit, and fear mongering and overly hyped  by the different news groups who are picking up the local problem. I was asked to talk on CBC north this Monday, but they filled the spot with Chris Darimont  a world renowned wolf biologist who has been studying the  wolves on the coast for more than 10 years.
We made recommendations that the 2 or 3 wolves that are causing the problem need to be dealt with. You don’t need to cull the whole pack to solve the problem.

Those Vancouver bow hunters should go to their municipality and apply to do a coyote cull in their own city. Seems to be a  coyote problem down town Vancouver…

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Not that I think that it will change your impression of the plans, but I believe it’s a group of local hunters not ones from Vancouver that are going to ask for permission to bow hunt.

Though I’m sure once the word spreads that bow hunters everywhere will want to descend on the frontier to hunt down the elusive (well ok maybe not elusive, since they seem to be popping up everywhere) north coast pack…

it wil be interesting to hear the CBC program on Monday and how that contribution adds to what seems to be a growing debate eh…



thanks for clearing that up. I knew about local  bow hunters, but thought more bow hunters were jumping on the bandwagon…