Titanic Sinking

Some how a copy of the PRDN showed up in my mail box last night.
I hadn’t seen a copy for a while, but it still contained the required pictures of
kids and the rest of usual tepid items.
It got me to thinking what if this merry band of scribes had reported on the Titanic sinking? Picture it. Headline:

                                By George C. Rosy- Glass

Our social editor receive word by telegraph this morning of an unusual activity introduced by the White Star line on it’s brand new ship the Titanic.
The idea is certainly novel and it seems, very impromptu!
In an official news release from the White Star Line they say that late Sunday evening last, after the ship had stopped to admire a nearby iceberg,
there seemed to be an exchange of air within the ship and sea water surrounding it.
Even though the hour was late, the cruise director M.Y. Lamb, never one to miss an opportunity for fun and hi jinx organized the first class passengers for
a closer look at the iceberg in the numerous small launches that the Titanic carried for just this sort of excursion. While these passengers were enjoying sightseeing,
the decks of the ship itself, because of the air/water exchange mention previously, initiated a unique and novel lowering action so that the reaming passengers and crew
Could get a closer look at the very interesting Atlantic Ocean, an opportunity denied so many in our busy and hectic world.
The news release also stated the souvenir vests were distributed to everyone and that very many people were enjoying an open air concert on the afterdeck.
For the benefit of passengers wishing to give thanks to god for the thoughtfulness of the White Star Line for this unexpected addition to their trip, clergymen were
made available for just this purpose.
With the exception of those still in the excursion launches, the rest of the passengers enjoyed a midnight swim.
As a very interesting and amusing sidelight we are informed that the White Star Line has misplaced the fifty thousand ton ship, but they are sure that they
will find it in due course.
In a final note to the news release, and one that we here at the Good News echo, it was stated by the bubbly M.Y Lamb, “Remember, the hull is half full,
not half emptyâ€

Seems to me to be fair journalism, All the facts , both sides of any isue are represented.
Hard hitting, inquisitive, yet fair. 

your hired :smiley: :smiley:

That’s amazing…Very creative…Well done ClOCKED OUT  :smiley:

So what does this all mean? So we were all given the wrong information with the movie, I do not remember anyone swimming in the movie, never saw a pool and never saw this Charlie Hays guy either who became so famous to this lost city,community or town. I enjoyed the read from Clocked Out but my ass is still real sore from sitting though this long movie only to hear that Celine broad messing us up with her horrible voice.