Time change to HST telephone town hall tonight

The provincial government held the first of its over-the-phone town hall meetings last week about the upcoming HST referendum and up to 27,000 in British Columbians participated.

bclocalnews.com/bc_north/the … 61199.html

My till still has two taxes on it. My accounting program has the HST.
Had a customer come in with receipts the other day bitching that when she’s invoiced the bill comes to $46.86 and if she come in beforehand and pays at the till she is charged $46.87.
Asides from arguing over a penny… shows the affect of rounding two things instead of one.

And no, I put off buying a new till or doing SFA the minute the anti-HST petitions went out. I’m not doing one bit of work unpaid. They’re gonna vote out the HST people will vote against a tax to spite their own faces. You can bet they’ll all be surprised when they repeal the HST and leave the PST on all the same things the HST applied to.