Time Capsule Found!

Did anybody read the article in the paper?  Is this an April Fool’s Joke?  If it isn’t, then how in the world did the time capsule end up near the intersection of Borden and Third Avenue West?

Borden and Third Ave don’t intersect . . . it’s Biggar Place and Third Ave. Although city workers were working on a water main there last week, and I don’t think it would be possible for something buried up across from the hospital to migrate that far.  I’m saying April Fools. :smile:

lol You guys are funny.

Glad I don’t have to ask that question, family member works for the daily.

the bank by the hospital eroded over time…stuff falls downhill

This is true, things fell as the bank eroded. They did not, however, find their way to the east end of 3rd Avenue.

It would be exciting if they had found that time capsule . . . but oh well!

well was it true or what

no it is not true ,…April fools

ahh that sucks but their capsule probably is a mile in the muk by now ha ha ha ha