Tim Horton's may have roll up the rim, but Subway has roll down the shutters

“I went to council and tried to do something, they said that they’re aware of everything, but they don’t do anything… Nobody knows better than me what I’m going through. They need to come and find out” – Local restaurant operator Naripjit Sahdra, expressing his exasperation at the troublesome problem of downtown vandalism against his operation.

Nine broken windows in a year is more than enough! Frustrated at a lack of concern from Prince Rupert City Council over the ongoing vandalism probelm in the downtown area, one local business has taken on what is normally a big city solution for this small town’s problem.

Naripjit Sahdra , the owner of the local Subway franchise on 2nd Avenue has decided that the time has come to invest close to $7,000 in security features for his downtown restaurant.

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 2374860963 )-

I have to say-though I appreciate how expensive and frustrating having to replace 9 windows must be–having to spend money for security is a no brainer.

And I also am surprised to see it’s only 9 windows. Many business lose that many windows each year–but I have a feeling Subway gets noticed because it’s higher profile.

Still, sucks about his windows. It pissed me off so much when I saw that they had been cracked again literally JUST after they had been replaced. Really lowers my opinion of the safety of Prince Rupert streets.

you know i remember atime when we had rcmp doing foot patrols along with our auxilliaries, to me this seems a viable step forward to at least putting some police presence back into our downtown core, hey just think of the fuel savings haha.

I"m just wondering if he’ll have a message painted on the outside of the shutters once they’re installed… a permanent reminder for council that there might be a few problems in the the downtown core… 

Kind of like Data Boy did when they went through their bout of vanadalism at their old location…

Possibly, but they won’t find a municipality where members of council or the mayor deal with business on a case by case basis. I think rather than a sign saying “look at me and my problems”, businesses who have been vandalized or fear vandalism should band together and take a thoughtful argument to council. For anything substantial to be done, I think the people at Subway need to show that the problem is with the downtown core–and not just with Subway.