Tiger Woods Apology

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“It’s not what you achieve in life that matters…it’s what you overcome”  as quoted by Tiger Woods in his ‘apology’

I’ve always enjoyed watching him golf so I hope that eventually once he sorts out his life he gets back to that.

His speech was, I dunno, a carefully constructed image remake from his handlers, it sounded rather sincere at times and then took a wee twist of arrogance. The ending was just plain strange, the reception line of hugs and handshakes and then a turn and he was gone.

Regardless though, it’s only a matter between he and his wife (and he did mention her more than a few times) so if it’s what it takes to get that discussion back on track well do what ya gotta do I guess.

Didn’t really answer any questions though, nor provide any insight other than the fact that he’s sorry, he’s really, really sorry.

I get a chuckle out of all the complaints by the media types that they didn’t get a chance to question him, can’t say that its any of our business.

In the end the only vote that will count will be his wife’s (well maybe her attorney too I guess  :imp:).

I know one thing, the PGA is probably hoping that this nightmare ends soon as at the moment the Professional tour is about as exciting as late night golf at the Prince Rupert golf course, anyone can get in and play as long as they pay the green fees and are done by dark. 

I agree he is a great golfer although I am not a fan of the game/sport. He has always been a self-centered egotist and his claim that he is suffering from “sex addiction” doesn’t hold much water for me.  I am tired of these celebrities, when they are caught with their pants down, white powder under their noses, DUI’s or beating up their partners, automatically claiming an addiction and off to rehab for the “cure” for a month or two or, if they are lucky, a spot on Doc Drew for all the world to see. I feel sorry for his wife, bottom line, I think the guy is a dog and only performed this scenario this morning to win back his sponsorships and endorsements before the big games begin.  Move over Tiger, Charlie Sheen appears in court soon, it appears he may have an addiction to assaulting his partners  :imp:

Adultery destroys marriages. The adulterer shows total disregard for the marriage vows and for his or her spouse. In this passage, Jesus reminds us that not only should we always be faithful, we should also avoid the lustful fantasies that can cloud our judgment and tempt us into actual adultery:

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery’; but I say to you, that everyone who looks on a woman to lust for her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.” (NAS, Matthew 5:27-28)

Under this criteria, how many of us could be labeled:  ‘adulterer’?

  Tiger is and will continue to be an exceptional golf pro… he has always been a gentleman of his sport.
As for his adultery… he has lost face in my eyes, no mater how many times he apologises… there is no excuse to have sex with another being if you have committed yourself to someone. The first time, it didn’t stop him, nor the next 5 or 6 times…  your bad choices will haunt you forever…
I’ll be very surprised if his wife takes him back…
Good luck Tiger, with continuing your career, I’m sure that your arena will never be the same again .

no mater how many times he apologises… there is no excuse to have sex with another being if you have committed yourself to someone. [/quote]

I disagree not because I agree with it, but because I know human nature. She probably unttered the words “Shut up and do what I say or it will cost you $200,XXX,XXX.” I think this quote sums up most “good men’s” adultery quite nicely: “You will never really know a woman until you meet her in court.”


Are you trying to say that the adultery was in some way the spouses’ fault? Please say not as “them’s fighting words” MeepMeep  :imp: And I’m sorry but whoever commits adultery is not a “good man/woman”. You can’t stay within your relationship, then get out and move on.  I don’t believe anyone really survives adultery, they may say they have but the trust can never be there again and what is a partnership without it?

I personally do not care about his infidelity.  This is an issue between Tiger and his wife.  He is paying the consequences for his deeds.

why can’t the media let him live his life

I agree, it’s none of our buisness what other people do in their lives. Nor is it our job to judge him, his wife, or the situation, because lets face it, none of us know what happened between the two.

Cheating on someone isn’t an excuse, really. If you cheat, you obviously don’t care for the person you’re with very much, so you might as well get out of the damn relationship. But apparently it’s alot more complicated than that, so I’ve been told anyways.

Bottom line, we have no buisness judging. We have no buisness questioning. The only reason he made that apology, I’m willing to bet, is because his sponsors made him. It’s not Tiger that looks bad here, it’s the people that sponsor him. At least, in their eyes anyways. Again, it’s all about $$$.

I’m sorry for asking but what does a "hopeless fucking douche " mean?

“Seriously if i cheated on my girlfriend would you expect an apology from me?”  …not really…Tiger was giving an apology to his ‘friends’

Tiger Woods Announces Return To Sex.

LMAO  ++

The quoted remarks that I placed in quotations above were actually written by jesus (a notable member of HTMF) but he since decided to remove his remarks that I now print here…next time I’ll know to enter member’s remarks–as quote–so that when they do decide to remove them, they are at least left on the tread for people to read.

While it was definitely a clinic in public relations, at least he took responsibility (for the most part) for his actions.  I am guessing he will be forgiven by the fans a lot sooner than other celebrities that make similar errors in judgment.

I am with Codybear though.  As soon as he mentioned his therapy and blah blah blah, he started to sound like he was a victim of … oh I don’t know. 

“My name is Tiger and I am of victim of thinking I was entitled when I really wasn’t.  I need therapy to help me realize that the Buddhist teachings of my mother are far more important than the selfish behaviour that has resulted in my losing the respect of my family, friends, business associates and fans.”

I know we have had a ton of discussions about alcoholism and drug addiction and whether or not they are diseases or personal choices.  But Tiger Woods should just own up to the fact that he screwed up.  He admitted that he thought he was entitled and could get away with whatever he wanted.  I don’t think he needs therapy to get back to leading a decent life.  Just lead the decent life.

(I will allow him the therapy he might need to live with his guilt.)

 because this is where their at, they ( all celebs) are in the spotlight in this world, and you cannot ignore the fact that people will and can judge you for your actions.
This is not saying you or I will do so, but come on, why did Tiger feel he had to apologize for his bad choices if we were not important enough to warrant the apology. They know they have put themselves out there, and the media, T.V. is so much a part of our daily existance that we are all part of the cycle of being jugemental…all of us…
whoever said, " we shouldn’t judge him"…please… like you don’t.

p.s.  this wasn’t a rant on you decker… :smile:

I dont know why my post was removed but it was on topic and valid. Why the fuck do people expect an apology from him?  You dont deserve it, you deserve to be bitch slapped for expecting it.

It’s none of your business that he was cheating on his wife. It’s between him, his wife, and his kids.  If he was raping children I could understand the need for a public service announcement but this? come on really?

I realize gossip sells and clearly its retards like some of you that buy it. Congratulations on killing actual real news and encouraging the sensationalist gossip we’re forced to ingest daily.

He’s a superstar an he has groupies.
He lost respect snivelling like a dog. Tell it like it is, bro!
You apologize when you’re a millworker caught boffing yer sister-in-law, not when yer #1.