Three key elements of the Fairview Container Port will overcome most politics

The Vancouver Sun caught up to the Globe and Mail’s reporting on Barack Obama’s interest in CN rail ten days ago.

At that time, the Illinois Senator and would be President of the United States, came down firmly on the side of those fighting against CN Rail’s plans for suburban Chicago and a rail line that could have a major impact on the transportation of containers and goods from Memphis to Prince Rupert. It has proven to be a rather controversial bit of business in Illinois which had the President and CEO of CN Hunter Harrison expressing his disappointment in Senator Obama’s position.

While it seems unlikely that a squabble over rail lines in the off the beaten path parts of Illinois might change the dynamic of the Port of Prince Rupert, in the world of transportation you just never know…

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Heh, we must get the same google alerts :wink:

I think those key elements all depend on growing demand from the USA for Chinese goods.