This person is a real jerk

This person tried to add me on facebook, but I don’t think I will add.  A real loser:

lol. classic troll. I gotta learn how to do that.

what a fool …

thats so funny good one …  I think everyone will get a kick outta that once they figure it out
ha ha ha ha ha

Yeah, a good one indeed.  :-D

It is actually a trick:) That special link re-directs you to your facebook wall if you’re logged in to facebook.

Awesome.  You know how many people reported that post to moderators?

Haha, win.

lol this was awesome

Awesome indeed.  Yeah, that’s why I posted the explanation, I was getting upset members reporting that post.  :smile:

AND, I wasn’t one of them !!  Are you surprised MiG?  I am so proud of myself as even at my advanced age, I saw that it had to be a very good trick…Ah, so proud  :smiley:  :smiley: 

i bet thats one of the best tricks ive seen yet got a real good laugh outta that