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I came across this book out of town… The whole book is about an elephant who scares away all the animals for his obvious problem!

How does he solve his problem?

im pretty sure thats in part 2

Also, what is Terry standing on? It looks like cloud with leaves in it.

Thats prickley weed, dip shit!

Then it should be colored in fuck wit!

its like thorny vines with small clusters of leaves on it, so it doesnt need to be colored in, unimaginative dorkwad.

If it was short I would read it.

I’d read it if it would put me to sleep.

No, you’re all wrong.

It’s a bunch of leaves getting blown in the wind from his farts. They’re lil’ dust billows, that’s why they’re transparent.

This could get interesting…

Hahaha! Where are you finding these?

That is a ridiculously large quantity of urine.

piss like a racehorse
… or zebra in this case