This is why we have wolves!

I just witnessed a guy in the 300 block of Sherbrooke (near where the dog was shot) walk across the street and scrape scraps off a dinner plate onto the roadside. WTF?!!!

The only good news is the ravens were on it but that creates it’s’own problems.

Stupid human tricks!

Did you politely tell him about the potential consequences of his actions?

Well, he did post about it on the Interwebz. Problem solved, heh-heh. :smile:

you have wolves because you live in a rain forest. Wolves are a problem because of idiots that do shit like that and because of paranoia. I live outside of town and have wolves and bears but I dont have any problems with animals. I see bear and wolves around but they arent a problem.

LOL! We have wolves because we have a huge deer population… not because some random guy scraped his dinner plate onto a city street…

This post goes down as one of the dumbest in HTMF history!

I agree…dumbest ever

LOL well at least this is 1 thing that should not be done either way.