This is customer service!

This is customer service:

Author flies to personally deliver replacement book after customer complains on an review.

One of my old U2 CD’s once had a scratch on it that ruined two of the songs, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam… :smiley:

Pizza Hut reopened in PG this month. My son came to visit the daughter and they decide to order from there.
She’s vegetarian, so she ordered a veggie/pepperoni 1/2 and 1/2. They told her there was a surprise sale 2 for one, would she like two?
So she said yes, why don’t you make one all veggie and one pepperoni.
Ok that comes to $49.95
My son’s listening and grabs the phone WTF? 49.95 for a pizza?
—No you wanted just ONE large veggie and ONE large pepperoni, you could have got 2 of each…

If he was older, he would have known to put on his best Jack Nicholson voice and explain to a blockhead… :smiley:
So he settled for TWO 1/2 and 1/2s for $25 cuz they’re braindead. Of course when they were delivered, only one was a 1/2 and 1/2, the other was something else entirely.

and they wonder why they go broke ??????