This is Bullshit

It was -11 this morning, it’s almost April and it’s -11 !!!
Bring back Global Warming, cuz this lip service to the neo-cons calling it Climate Change is complete Bullshit!!!
I never wanted to change climates with Inuvik, who’s the ass that made us???

lol :smiley:

As im leaving this morning at 7am to head off to Campbell River to install a 50" panasonic, it starts FAWKING snowing this is bs, i want to be out in shorts and t-shirt, STUPID SNOW

Man, that’s a drag, herbie!  We’re at plus 3 here in PR.  I hope things warm-up soon for you. :smile:  Perhaps a malt beverage of some sort may help. :sunglasses:

It was snowing here in van this morning

I concur with bringing back global warming. Hey, while all those suckers are turning off their lights tomorrow, we should get together and spray aerosol cans in the air!

Snow day at Mal-UC in Nanaimo—bring back the glacial melting!