Think Kiss meets Star Trek

The Eurovision music contest has wrapped up for another year and soon to be seen in MuchMusic snippets is something called Lordi, a hard metal band that dresses up in monster costumes.

It’s kind of a change of pace for the Eurovision contest which normally features rather cheesy and sugary pop standards for the masses from such musical hotbeds as Greece, Bosnia, Romania and other assorted Europop nations.

Be the first on your block to pick up or dowload Lordi,
soon to be on the tip of the tongue of musical trvialists everywhere!

Here’s what happens when you don’t win Eurovision:

Isn’t Eurovision like the original “American Idol” except it’s been around for a generation or two?

Heh. Sylvia Knight is like a female, Icelandic version of Tony Clifton.

This is great:

During her presence in Athens, and according to her role’s character. Silvia behaved provocatively and rudely to technicians and journalists, calling them “fucking amateursâ€

Hey MiG,  Did you put her picture besides Sarah Michelle Gellar’s on your wall of fame?

Unfortunately, no.  That computer room doesn’t exist anymore, it’s been turned into a dining room.

:astonished: Is this a sign that the apocalypse is upon us?

Or are you a whip boy now?

No, I moved my G5 upstairs and moved all the other stuff (servers, rack, etc) down into the basement.  That was last summer.  It wasn’t a sign of being whipped.

A sign of being whipped is that I now have to move my computer room into the basement, as this room has been commandeered by V2.0.

I like how you reply to the upcoming event as V2.0.  And since you used the word commandeered, it reminds me of that sci-fi series V where people were wearing dark orange (or maybe light red) suits.

Man, I remember V so fondly.  I was still pretty young when the first series was on.  I remember being totally freaked out by the guy eating the rat.