Think Computationally @ NWCC

Are you interested in taking a university credit course in programming at Northwest Community College?

The university credit department is offering an online programming course in Java (CPSC123) starting January 3rd, 2011.
Topics presented include algorithms, techniques of program development and testing, control structures, fundamentals of object-oriented programming and design, recursion, and arrays.

Interested grade 12 students are welcome to take this course for credit towards their future studies in university.
For more information please contact Erfan at 250-624-6054 local 5739 or email

That’s awesome, Java is cool. Covered a bit of it in my Intro To Programming course.

My experience with programming has been limited to Basic & Commodore Basic. What kind of prerequisite is required for this course?

No programming experience required. The only prerequisite is Math 12 or permission of instructor.