Things screwed up

Ever since the recent maintenance on here, there are people who are unable to sign in as they usually do, can this problem be fixed in anyway please.

What are you guys talking about?  Is there an error you’re seeing?

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There was an error, but I can’t remember what it was. I should have copied and pasted it. It also doesn’t keep me signed in any more. Saves my username and password and if
I click on a forum link it will show me as signed in, but when I first come to the front page I’m logged in as a guest.

Also, more often than not, getting here is as slow as molasses in January. Once I get here it’s fine, and not slow, but getting to this site is the problem.

I don’t have any problems with any other of the pages I regularly go to.

Exactly the same for me.  Several seconds to get to this site compared to the one second max to get to any of my other regular sites.

Lose the site quite often - it’s unavailable a lot in the mornings, and often I have to come back in 5 mins and try again in the evenings.

me too very slow to open a page

    :stuck_out_tongue:  ditto…