They’re feeling as blue as their sweaters at the moment

“In the name of the entire team, I think I have to apologize to all the Italian fans.”-- Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, wondering if he and his team mates can ever go home again.

It was one of the most stunning football games in recent history, as Holland a team that had not beaten Italy in more than twenty years of battle, solidly and convincingly dispatched the World Champions over 90 minutes of Euro 2008 play.

It was by any account an amazing day for anyone wearing an Orange shirt, as the Dutch tore apart the once vaunted Italian defence with ease…

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And to think that van Nistelrooy spent most of the season watching from the sidelines in Madrid.  Actually, Madrid has 3 or 4 players that are on the Dutch national team.  I didn’t see the game, but I assume Sneijder played?  How about Robben?

Sneijder had the play of the game a remarkable kick that found the back of the net.

It was a pretty impressive team performance, in the first half it seemed as thought only Holland were on the field, such was their control of the play.

Italy tried to set the ship right in the second half and had a few good chances, but Holland turned one Italian attempt into a break down the field and the third goal which was all she wrote… 

This is hilarious!

The van Nistelrooy goal was controversial because he appeared to be offside.  But apparently there was a defender who had fallen behind the goal (looks like he’s in pain!) and even though he’s off the field, he’s still considered part of the game.

What do you think?

The guy at the bottom right in this photo makes Ruud not offside at all.

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Story on the BBC about the controversy: … 445476.stm

and it appears that it’s totally within the scope of Rule 11: … /12115.htm

I think it’s a fair goal, it’s like in hockey they don’t blow the whistle until the team which has the player on the ice gains possession of the puck.  The defender was considered still in play it seems (or was pretending to be injured and thus would have been given a card).

Even the Italian chief of officiating said it was the right call.

It really is moot regardless, while it was the goal that opened up the floodgates, the Dutch had been taking the play to Italy for all of the first half. It seemed like Van Nistelrooy could have scored about five goals on his own, so open was he for most of the game.

The Dutch were full value for their win and the Italians need to tend to their defensive woes pretty quickly.

I see that Cannavaro didn’t play the match – he’s an awesome defender (and plays in Madrid as well!  I see a pattern!).  Wanna bet he starts in the next game?

Meanwhile, Span is 2-0 against Russia right now.

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