They all had something on their mind

Friday was letters day at the Daily News, as a number of the politically aware locals weighed in with their opinions on the candidates and parties seeking our vote on Tuesday.

Among the full page of editorial comment were two letters from city councillors, who offered up their opinions on the campaign and the candidates. Some were in favour of the incumbent MLA to hold onto his job, while others found hope and value in the Liberal challenger for the position.

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 9161079385 )-

I have had experience with some small weeklies in the Lower mainland,
One thing I thought was rather innovative on their part(or maybe it was long a standing practice that I just stumbled upon), was that for the price of an ad in their paper you can purchase a print “News Article” the price is governed by the space the article takes up in their publication.
The price is even cheaper if you write the article yourself. 

Sorry this should have been posted in response to Podunks article "Catching up to the Liberal side…) about the Northern Connector.

LOL, no problem, in the end the print media is all one big happy family, with vested interests galore…