These Baptist are nuts … estor.html

They aren’t Baptists, and they’re not Christians.  It’s one of those ironic names. 

Sort of the same way that National Socialists are the opposite of Socialists, or North Korea is anything but Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Anyway, Phelps and the Westboro “Baptist” Church just hate everybody.  Including Canada:

I don’t think there’s a group or individual out there that they don’t hate.

Yeah, I started a thread on Fred Phelp’s Fanatics awhile ago.  It got sent to htmf purgatory fairly quickly.  They show up everywhere in the midwestern states to protest pretty much everything.  They protest funerals for American soldiers killed in action.  I’ve even talked with someone whose nephew’s high school graduation was disrupted by the Westboro Baptists.  If you want more of their moronic beliefs go to  They give the criminally insane a bad name.  They could teach al-Qaeda a thing or two about religious fervour and hatred.