Last night or early this morning thieves entered our outdoor shed and stole a few items. This shed is usually locked however my son did not double-check last night. Please be on the lookout and let us know if you see any of the items, I will try to post pics now

09 Norco Ryde mountain bike
1983 Honda 50, missing kickstart
A grey older Specialized mens mountain bike (no pic available)

We will reward upon the return of any items

Two men were seen leaving the area on mountain bikes at 6:30 AM that morning. One was described as indo canadian/first nations with a moustache and the other was wearing a street hockey goalie mask, also taken from the shed. My daughters Honda 50 was seen outside of the shed on the lawn at this time. Before 7:30 AM the dirtbike had been removed. There were tread marks from the tires in the back lane on Omineca Avenue, the thieves would have had to walk the dirtbike because the kickstart is broken.

All items are back! Thank you to everyone who kept an eye out for us:)

When did you get it back? I swear I saw someone on that motorbike earlier, about 6pm ish?