The world would

…be a kindler and gentler place if adults could use jolly-jumpers. Look at Isaac below; little does he know that once he reaches 25 lbs his jolly-jumping days are over. Dare I suggest that the use of Prozac and other such drugs decrease if adults could partake in such a euphoric experience? In any event, I’m going to let little Isaac cherish his time hopping around while he drools and smiles for the camera.

invented in BC:

And I forgot, here is the adult version of the JollyJumper:

really he’s just enjoying that special interplay between potential and kinetic energies that is most enjoyable when it flows smoothly from one extreme to another…

Much in the same way that struts in my front end bounce over the still warm corpses of my enemies.

Looks like he’s getting his Jollies on the Jolly Jumper.

Unfortunately as humans age we seem to derive less enjoyment from simple activities that we’ve already done.

i’d change that from ‘age’ to ‘jade’, because i’m still down with those simple delights derived from momentum interplay, and i’m pretty old.

Hey, you know that place on Highway 16 with the rumble strips where the highway crosses the railway?

I always try to take that S-curve doing 120 or so, while accelerating.

Woohoo! Jolly Jumper turns into German suspension. Yeehaw.

I’ve been in a truck crossing that very spot at about 130 km/h (after slowing down from 160) in extremely wet conditions. That was my limit. I vowed never to hop in the same vehicle as that driver. Just prior to that, we were hydroplaning. Talk about momentum interplay!