The Wire Season 4

Looks like the complete season 4 of The Wire has been completely leaked on some torrent sites.

The files appear to be ripped from “screeners” – DVDs given to reviewers and industry people for promotional purposes.

Anyway, it’s weird, as only episode 5 has aired so far, but um…  I’m thinking about watching the entire season tonight :wink:

Oh that TOTALLY explains it. God I was so confused. I lost track of which episode it was at so when I went to download it Sunday night expecting the newest one, I ended up with Episode 9. I was like… WTF? Where did I miss a bunch of weeks. I had to go back and download all the ones in between just to make sense of the story.

Thanks Mig… I was completely baffled as to what happened.


I downloaded the first three seasons but have only watched the first one so far, but it was epic!

you were good on the daily show tonight mig

I’m not sure I adequately explained the significance of the giant (42-feet tall) Lady Di eating the paparazzi.

look its lady di! ca chhing !

i dunno. you made ME want to watch your show anyway.

Just for the record… the story in Season 4 hasn’t really been going anywhere major so far. I’ll let you know though that towards the end of Episode 10 is where things start to get interesting.


Hmmm… If I were the kind of guy who liked to download this stuff – where could I find, hypothetically, S04E11 and S04E12 of The Wire?  I have, hypothetically, all the other episodes.

Of course, this is just an academic question – I don’t intend on breaking any copyright or similar restrictions.

Man, the first episode of season 2 didn’t do it for me, but now that I’m a few in, it’s getting great.

I don’t want to ruin it for you, Eso, but um… there’s a wiretap coming up in Season 2!!

Anyway, I don’t want to skip ahead and view the last episode of season 4 without watching episodes 11 and 12. 

The awesomeness (sp?) of torrents and the internet! Currently posting with my PSP, from my Kenworth sleeper by scamming sat internet from the datavan roughly 100’ away. PSP rocks! I’m somewhere near Edson AB, on the edge of a wheat field. What is the wire about? :sunglasses:

torrentspy, mininova, isohunt,  thepiratebay, demonoid…  easiest way to get good seeded single episodes is to find a torrent of the season @ use azeurus to DL only the specific files. dbl click ur download, ‘files’ tab, rightclk unwanted files @ sel. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

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Yeah, episodes 11 and 12 aren’t on those sites… yet.

When I get my new computer up and runnin’ I’ll put movies/shows on there too.

Meh, Demonoid is the worst out of all of those I’d say.

My current favourite is

Well, I finished watching Season 4.  Great season, but now there won’t be anything to watch until next year.

Well you can go back in time on the way back machine and check out Homicide: Life on the Street, it was the prototype for The Wire. It aired on NBC back in the nineties and was rather edgy for network TV of the day. Not near as edgy as the Wire mind you.

Now if you want to get off the wall, check out Dexter every Sunday night on Movie Central at 8. It’s kind of like CSI if Grissom had gone off the deep end and started killing perps in his spare time.

If you’re feeling patriotic, the CBC is running a half decent show on Tuesday’s at nine called Intelligence. It’s showing a bit of promise, but is occassionally threatening to weigh itself down with too many sub plots.