The Wire Finale

Hmmm, guess that corruption pays after all, I’m qute disillusioned… :unamused:

Thought the final show for the series was quite well done, it tied up all the loose ends, rewarded Bubs for all his good deeds and well the more you cover up the more you move ahead…

Unless you’re McNulty and Lester I guess…

At any rate, any show that features the Pogues as one of the recurring soundtracks is all right in my books, the bar scene was classic Wire, a scene repeated through the different seasons as cops came and went.

Was a bit disappointed that the reporter got his Pullitzer, thought at least he’d be found out, but as the theme progressed tonight the corruption rewards all seemed to be the winning hand.

Not sure what I’ll do with my Sunday’s now, perhaps I’ll try and get Dexter bcak on my radar, tried watching last year but it lost my attention span… Maybe I’ll try and get back on that train.

Anyways, for those that watched the series looking forward to hearing your thoughts as it comes to its end… :neutral_face:   

Haven’t watched it yet.  It’s just sitting there.  Staring at me.  Watch me, watch me.

I love the title of the episode, though.  - 30 -

Oh crap, sorry didn’t mean to let the cat out of the bag…

when you do watch it though you’ll enjoy it, some great scenes there.

I was particularly glad at the way they had Bubs come out of all of the misery of the streets of Balmore…

Just watched it tonight. Well… watched 8, 9 and 10 tonight. I love the scene in episode 8 where McNulty is sitting there receiving the FBI profile of the killer and listening to how it matched his own personality. The acting… the writing… everything about that scene sums up why this show rocks.

Another part I liked was the death of Omar. I was literally sitting in my chair thinking about how I like the character and wondering what will come of him when BAM the shortie walks in and caps him. I thought that was the perfect way to write the end for that character.

The last episode definitely played out the corruption wins scenario. We all know that the people with power always come out ok and the people on the bottom don’t. The thing is… Lester and McNulty did what they did for reasons they could live with. Reasons only “Police” could truly understand. They didn’t do it for the outcome, although putting Marlow away would have been the icing on the cake. The reporter not getting caught played right into what that character was written for. We were supposed to dislike him right from the get-go, and in the end they gave us the ultimate reason to hate him.

I’m going to miss that show.

Podunk, I suggest you give Dexter another try. It’s keeps getting better and better and there is a lot of good stuff to come later in season one. Season two delivers big-time as well. There’s a guy at work who loves me for turning him on to Dexter.

Yep I concur with all your points, it was a great way to end the show. As I said earlier I was glad to see Bubs come out of it all alive, the ultimate of survivors…

Still annoyed about the reporter though, I thought for sure they were going to bring him down with all his lies and fabrications spinning out of control… 

but as you said it played into the theme of corruption wins at all times.

(Interestingly enough, a theme that seems to be at work in the governors office in New York State, but that’s another story for another time and maybe another TV show)

At any rate I suspect I’ll give Dexter another shot, I was watching fairly faithfully last season till I guess I found something else to watch, maybe I’ll go back and check it out again.

Mind you, I’d be a little worried about a “friend” who loves you about introducing him to a serial killer… may be some unresolved issues to worry about eh… :imp: 

Thanks for the tip


Coming from some of the minds behind “The Wire”, a seven part miniseries about the Iraq war. Should be pretty awesome.

Alright finally something to watch again on the tube, was getting worried that there may not be much left out there this summer.

For folks that don’t have the torrent thing mastered heres the Movie Central website with the Canadian schedule … 0kill&c=-1

Episode one starts Sunday at 8 pm

Been watching “Spooks” from the BBC, and “Top Gear” has also started its new season.

Spooks is great a nice du\iversion, have you ever seen Sleep Cell it was on Movie Central last year, I read somewhere that it has since been cancelled by Showtime, which if true is too bad as it was a pretty good show as well…

Found this on the Vancouver Sun site, a bit of a preview of Generation Kill… … ea9c941090

So did anyone else watch Generation Kill on Sunday?

I thought it was very well done, gives an inside look into the hours of hanging around that takes place before the bombs and bullets begin to fly.

Did learn a few things last night, Sargeant Major’s can be right pick assy and a good war never starts until the Pizza Hut cars arrive…

Might be time for our moderators to split the thread though and turn this into a Generation Kill forum…  hmmm could use an emoticon with a helmet too… :astonished: :astonished:

I saw generation kill… not too bad. It grabbed me enough to give it at least one more episode. Mostly right now I’m watching the first season of “Life on Mars”. I think I’m on number 7 now.

I want to tell you what happens at the end of Life on Mars, but I won’t.

Please don’t. I’m really starting to like this show. I think by the end I’m going to have a major thing for the lady who plays Annie though.

Heh, cute women in uniform.  Very Chris Isaak of you!

Well I’m into season two now so it won’t be long before I get to the end. I should have the rest of the episodes downloaded and watched by the end of the week. Season two starts off really well. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

So I watched it straight through today. Definitely a nice tidy ending. I kind of had it pegged as going one of two ways and they went the second. It was a really solid show and I’m glad to see they didn’t milk it to the point it was unwatchable.

I would absolutely recommend “Life on Mars” to others.

Download “Ashes to Ashes” next :wink:

The American “Life on Mars” will be coming soon too.