The Wind

This wind is making me crazy…the cats are running laps in the house, the dog is whinning, the sat keeps cutting out, and the internet is too slow…and I can’t sleep with all this noise!!!

Anyone else with wind- driven insomnia??  :astonished:

The wind is actually making me sleepy, and I’m usually awake until 3am.

I do anticipate the power going off in my end of town tonight though, as well as my neighbours garbage cans crashing into my house sometime too.

Power off here …

It flickered twice while I was sitting in timmy’s. But power is still on here…

Gust of 75km at this point

A huge gust woke me up around 3:30.  :smile:

The wind was strong enough to knock down a street light at 5 corners.

Hey mig nice avatar, good picture of fry

My house was rockin’ and a rollin’ last night but not quite as bad as last year when the wind ripped the soffit and faccia off half of the front of my house and all you could hear was this horrendous ripping, grinding, screeching noise !!  Was waiting for that again last night but it did blow my full garbage can from the front down to the backyard. Was out at 5 this morning trying to find it before the damn ravens woke up for brekkie  :imp:  Sunny tomorrow though  :smiley:

There was a camper lying on it’s side on top of a car on Jamaica this morning and a street light down a 5 corners. I saw at least one tree down this morning too that it looks like the city took care of last night, good work boys and girls. I just hope and pray nobody was hurt at all last night.

Ha!  I didn’t even notice this wind y’all talking about!

winds were clocked up to 140k at the port last night we were shut down from 10pm to 6am

Crazy, I had no idea!  I sleep in a basement though.

Haha I slept soundly through all of that as well!

I slept through the whole thing too.  Unfortunately a section of my fence didn’t make it.