The wheelchair access ramp removed from post office

Does anyone have any idea as to why the wheelchair access ramp was removed from the post office?

the one that went to the brick wall?

  I was wondering" WHAT "it is they are doing around the side of the post office…what a job, looks like a serious government project

same building as post office but not an entrance to it. if you are talking about the south side of building closer to the theatre. so really nothing to do with the post office lol

This wheelchair ‘access’ ramp…and what utility did it ever serve?

thats been that way for years it goes .to
the managers office

I’ve always thought that it was some kind of observatory deck to look across the harbor  :smiley:

or perhaps watch the fireworks!!!  :wink:

I can’t even remember how long ago it was that the ramp was made useless by the entryway being changed-I just remember doing a lot of running up it when my workplace was still relying on the PO box we had there. Man I miss mail delivery service…ten years without it in the places I’ve been living since we left Rupert. One of the drawbacks about smaller towns I will admit.

ramp to complaint department, when you don’t get help beat head on wall repeatedly!  :imp:

Ok Soggy, where do we sign up?javascript:void(0);  :sunglasses:

Just don’t go “postal” on us, OK?          :astonished:

Something about stairs…or the wall there being unstable, I cant really remember exactly  :-P

  sounds like a typical government project… ya…umm…I’m not sure…can’t remember… lol

Ya, and it was being destroyed ON THE WEEKEND, on someone’s overtime!  YAY taxpayers!

If it is a ‘Handicapped only parking’, does it make any sense to position a garbage can in their way so that they would trip and get “handicapped” a bit more?

Those guys were definitely not gov employees,  local contractor, probably no overtime involved at all,

Why are we complaining about a wheelchair access ramp, that goes to nowhere, and is of no use what so ever, being removed???

Is this just because we have nothing better to complain about at this point in time?

Why does it matter why it was removed? It was useless and an eyesore…

Yes, it was a waste of space, and was removed by a contractor…for sure

How is Muhic gonna get in the building???