The War

Anybody catch this last night on PBS?  It’s Ken Burns’s latest effort, about WWII.  I thought it was awesome.

Podunkian talked about it on his site as well: … 3614065624

It really is one of the better documentaries I’ve seen in a while. Episode two tonight was just as interesting.

Burns is one of the great talents in the field, he brought to life the Civil War as his first project and his Basbeall documentary was perhaps the best thing that could have happened to that sport, it came out just as baseball was going into a bit of a decline in the States and since then the sport has bounced back to a degree, (one or two bad drug results not withstanding eh)…

I never saw the jazz production he did, but from all accounts it was just as thorough and entertaining.

He has a great ability to take the simplest of pictures or video fooitage and weaving them into quite an amazing storyline. It’s pure magic. You have to have stamina though, no such thing as a Ken Burns short… :wink:

There’s a bit of griping going on about the Ameri-centric look of this one about The War, but I don’t get it, the guy’s thing is to reflect America to Americans, so it’s of course going to lean heavy on their exploits and failures.  Monday’s seemed rather balanced to me he explained quite nicely how the early American defeats in Tunisia steeled their resolve for what was to come in Italy and beyond…

It’s been a pretty fascintaing trip so far and we’re only four and a half hours into the epic… :laughing:

ps thanks for the plug Mig, much appreciated


Strange, I just picked it as the only thing from 500 channels worth watching. It was good, and to give them credit they did make sure to point out they sucked in North Africa and got ravaged by the Luftwaffe.

So Episode three was quite enlightening.

All these latter day green recylcers are really some sixty years behind the times after all, and who knew that bacon fat made a dandy weapon.

A very entertaining episode…

There’s been a sea change since then. The depression - wartime common sense that waste was bad has 100% reversed. Now people seem to act like you’re an eco-flake to even suggest things like that.
Just look at the morons who’ll rip the electrical wiring out of a church basement walls to cash in the copper, but they’d never be caught dead recycling a beer can!