The US Congress vs the NFL

American writer Fran Lebowitz hates football. But, she told NBC’s Jimmy Fallon, Congress can learn something from the recent NFL labour settlement.

“The NFL settled their problems,” Lebowitz told Fallon. “Why can’t Congress settle their problem? Is this less important than football? Then I thought, what are the differences between Congress and the NFL? First of all, unlike Congress, the NFL has fans. Second of all, the people who play football have skills … no football player has ever become a member of a pro football team by saying, “Me, I’m horrible at football. These two-party people in Congress, here’s how they got elected. ‘Washington? I never heard of it. Politics? I know nothing about it.’ That’s how they got elected. …

“I heard [House majority leader] John Boehner yesterday say ‘Let’s not play politics.’ But I never heard a football player say ‘Let’s not play football.’”

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