The ultimate question

I find it amazing how different generations answer this question.

Roger Moore narrowly beats out Sean Connery for me.

And I may be alone in this, but I thought Pierce Brosnan was alright, too. At least, Goldeneye ranks up there in the best of the whole series to me.

Obviously the 42nd bond.

I really like Craig, he is tough and gritty, a hardened assassin; he’s very close to being Ian Flemming’s Bond.  But, for me the best Bond was Connery.

i like connery but craig is pretty good after a couple more flicks he might be best

I’ve never really been a huge James Bond movie fan but I think Sean Connery is one of the best actors of all time !


Connery followed very closely by Craig, even though I thought the last movie was somewhat lacking, it was more to do with the script and casting of the villian, etc.

Sadly, Brosnan never did it as Bond for me. The role I most enjoy seeing him in was the lead in " The Thomas Crowne Affair", where he was sly, sexy but not overly physical-I could never buy him being a fighter the way Connery and Craig could be.

He was sooo yummy in the Thomas Crowne Affair!!
I kinda liked Brosnan as Bond, but my fav was most definately Sean Connery!!!

Sean Connery is Bond, all others are but mere pretenders.

Connery, no question.

Daniel Craig! Casino Royale was awesome!

Connery or Craig - it’s a toss up.  I have always considered a partiality for Roger Moore to be a bit of a character flaw, though.

You have to allow for some youthful indiscretions, and looking at what was out there in movie-land in that era I suppose you can allow for sneaky sort of Bond-crush.  But the inability to let go and move on reveals a certain lack of mental or emotional discipline that I just can’t get past.

What about Woody Allen in the original Casino Royale?  :imp: