The Time Capsule

What’s going on with the search for the Time Capsule?

They can’t find it? 

Sure hope they didn’t bury any money for a rainy rupert day with all their predictions of the future.

You would think the first rule of time capsule burial would be to give somebody a map of where it’s located.

Good for lots of cross Canada coverage though, we’ve provided a few chuckles this week. :astonished:

I read it over on the site, and they linked to the ctv article, which had a couple of photos.  I wonder if there are more photos like these that could help find it?

Anyone have a ground-penetrating radar? :smile:

Hey is that Tony B on the right hand side of the photo?

Well what do you expect, going geo-cacheing without a GPS.

they were supposed to put in a marker but forgot or maybe council kept pushing it back in the budget

Is it supposed to be by the totem poles across from the hospital (and down the street a bit) ?

yup in there somewhere

Is that not Paul Kennedy there in the picture? He would know I believe.

From what the lady they were interviewing on the CBC was saying, part of the problem might be that the land has shifted over time. There used to be a retaining wall there. They’ve found parts of the wall well down the hill from where it was, which could mean that the time capsule has shifted as well.

Finally!  A photo of Podunkian.  Can you guess which one is him?

The one who looks like he’s doing the pee pee dance?

Maybe it’s the little red headed Girl! Perhaps the Podunkian’s travels are akin to the long lost love of Good Ole Charlie Brown

nope Trent Mcniece, Briglio clone is Joe Hidber,

This thread just made my day. Much thanks.