The Three Stooges (2010)

My inner kid is going to love this one:

Jim Carrey … Curly Howard
Sean Penn … Larry Fine
Benicio Del Toro … Moe Howard

Nyuk,Nyuk Nyuk,Yuk,Yuk,Can’t wait!

Warm up with the originals…

sean penn and del toro really why?

why not sacha baron cohen(borat)
or even jamie kennedy , andy samberg or anyone whos a comedian when have these 2 done comedy?

Sean Penn doing slapstick seems like a stretch.
Jim Carrey might do a good job if he dumps his
tired old repetoire of facial expressions and takes
a fresh approach.

I can’t see it working.

I thought Penn was priceless as the surfer in Fast Time At Ridgemont High, and I’m probably showing my age if I was to talk about Phoebe Cates tantalizing twins in that movie.

I disagree.  Penn is a brilliant actor capable of taking on any role.

penn hasnt done a role like that in what 20 years? i like him as an actor but not sure about this role


Hollywood’s been script challenged for 20 years. Look at this thread… they’re so desperate they’re making a Three Stooges for fuck’s sakes… they’ve run out of shitty 60s tv shows, comic books and video games!

Give me a break, man.  Penn can do this. 
He has the best actor award from the Academy Awards.  Twice.  Once for Mystic River and recently for Milk.  This will be a cake walk for him.

yes two great moviesbut again comedy ?oh well different opinions lol

Okay:-)  Fair enough.  We will agree to disagree on this one. :smile:

Cant believe Im spending this much time on the Stooges…

From the Sean Penn collection…

He may not have the Vatican seal of approval, but he has done his penance, was married to Madonna after all… The Stooges will seem like a vacation.

Agreed.  He should be knighted:-)  He will excel in The Stooges. :smile: … 94ec_b.jpg
Three of them as the stooges :smiley:

I didn’t make this… found it on the imdb boards

Maybe it won’t even be a comedy because as we all know, deep down, clowns are sad. :frowning:

Stooges all over the world are excited,hopefully a new low will be achieved by these actors.