The Subaru, it fits into any parking spot

There’s a marketing campaign out there somehwere for this one… … -mall.html … 02293.html

i feel like i gotta park that way with these big suvs and trucks in town town that park right in the middle of two spots just because they think they should lol

Oh I hear ya!  I think people should have to get approved to buy large vehicles - approved by showing that they are qualified to drive them (and park them).  The only time there is a good excuse for bad parking is when the roads/parking lots are snow covered and you can’t see the lines.  Even then some people still feel the need to park beside another vehicle as close as some of the houses are to each other in this town.

This parking job looks like something my wife would do. LOL  Sure glad it wasn’t.

I think this same thing every time I see retired eighty something tourists driving these monster motor homes on our highways all summer long. I am not sure if anyone ever checks these things but there is a higher class of licence required for vehicles over a certain length and weight, and I am not conviced all of these vehicles and drivers are compliant. Some of these drivers would be scary behind the wheel of a small car never mind these giant rigs.

Perfect candidate for this:

Oh now THAT would be fun!  I still don’t think I could actually STICK it to someone’s car using the adhesive - but I could certainly put it under the wiper blade.  Nice!!

need to buy them in bulk for this town lol

LOL no kidding - and it’s too small - in no time I’m sure my car would be plastered in something even ‘better’ as payback - no thanks. :wink: